Erzurum_2016Anil Sarkoglu was born in 1985, Istanbul. His interest for outdoor sports started at a very young age during his primary school years with scouting, continued with camping activities and in his high school years, he joined Yildiz Technic University Mountaineering Club (YTUDAK) – which is one of the most sophisticated mountaineering clubs in the country with the principal of training mountaineers to achieve considerable technical climbs. After having finished 2 years of mountaineering education and trainings, he became an active member of the club and voluntarily served as an instructor for many years. Depending on his availability, he still continues to share his experience and provides trainings for the beginners at YTUDAK. He is also a member of YDK Mountaineering Association at which he actively plays a role since its foundation, 2006.

He graduated from University as an Industrial Engineer and nevertheless, made his choice of career aligned with his passion for mountains. He is the expert consultant for Turkey’s largest outdoor equipment brand, Adrenalin. He is co-founder of the company;  “Eiger Training and Consulting”, a company which offers corporate firms experimental education, motivational team work activities, exclusive projects and productions. Additionally, in 2013, he established “Adventure Experts” an adventure travel tours organization company. Along with his recent decisions, he is focused on only his mountaineering career. He spends most of his time on the mountains, climbing and guiding.

As well as mountaineering, he has expertise knowledge in search and rescue and advanced first-aid. Radio and wireless communication systems, scuba diving, cycling and motorcycling are likewise his fields of interest.

He has many successful climbs in the country and abroad. Especially in the last years, he enjoys climbing in the region of Ala-Archa, Tian Shan and valley of Chong-Kurchak in Middle Asia. He is a member of Adventure Mountain Association (AMA) and a member of Kyrgyz Mountain Guide Association  who are developing the project of mountain guide education according to  International Union of Associations of Mountain Guides (UIAGM-IFMGA) standards.

Since 2015, he is the Turkish atlethe sponsored by Petzl & Millet .